How to Remove Your Embarrasing Photos from Social Media

remove-photos-from-socialmediaWe all know the Internet is forever.

That’s why you’re careful about what you tweet, picky about the photos you share on Instagram, and vigilant about your Facebook privacy settings.

You’ve made absolutely sure you won’t be embarrassed by what shows up when your name is googled…

Until someone else posts an embarrassing photo of you.

No matter how vigilant you are about your own profiles, you can’t control what others post online. A friend could take a quick snapshot of you at a party when you’re not looking, and suddenly a photo of you looking smashed is being shared all over Facebook.

While that friend might remove the photo if you ask nicely, it’s not always that easy. You might be surprised to find out how common it is for cyber bullies, abusers, bitter exes, or even hackers to take unflattering and embarrassing photos and post them online. (read more)


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